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Delivers 2-weeks' worth of raw dog food every other week (total of 10 deliveries).

We are what we eat – and so are our pets!

Do you want to feed your dog or cat more appropriate, better food? Kaskazini Kitchen offers a range of delicious, healthy, and natural menus your pets will love, handmade in the Catskills from East Meredith, New York.

Our menus are made up of 85% high quality, human-grade muscle meats, bone, organ meats, and a range (15%) of fruits and vegetables, seasonal where possible. We also add a limited selection of nutritional supplements for optimal health, including spirulina, diatomaceous earth, a little fresh garlic, and dried kelp.

Our 7-Pack Share (for small dogs) consists of a 2lb pack for each of the following:

·         Catskill Turnpike Pastured Chicken and Egg

·         Beef a la Carte

·         Turkey

·         Rabbit

·         Pork

·         Pastured Chicken

·         Beef and Turkey

Our 15-Pack Share (for large or multiple dogs) contains 4lbs of each of the above, plus a special limited edition (currently Goat).

If you select a NO Chicken share, we substitute Turkey and Beef packs for the Chicken.

For people new to raw feeding, we are happy to provide advice and answers to questions. Give us a call at 607-746-8874, visit our detailed website, or download the Kaskazini Kitchen brochure on transitioning and feeding your dog with raw, natural food.

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