What is Community Supported Agriculture? 
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a system by which consumers become shareholders of a local farm to share its risks and rewards.  Our CSA members are the backbone of our farms.  Your support gets us growing in the Spring and your enthusiasm sustains us throughout the season.  In return, we share the bounty of our harvest.

How does it work?
Each week for twenty-six weeks we harvest the best, most abundant produce and put together a box of seven to ten items.  The selection of vegetables changes throughout the season.  As a member, you will pick up your share at one of several drop-off locations.

When/Where do we pick up our shares?
see times and locations

Why summer and fall shares?
We'll have veggies the whole year (June-November) but thought breaking it up might be easier on the piggy bank.  You're welcome to purchase both shares now, or to start with the summer share and see how you like it...  There's no deadline to purchase a share, but the earlier you do, the easier it will be for us to grow for you. Sales from the shares fund spring production expenses.  

What can we expect in our veggie shares?
We grow so many different crops it's hard to list them all.  It's also hard to tell you when, exactly, you're getting what; but get it, you will!  Here's a pdf of the SRF seed list so you get a better idea of what all we grow - and that's just half of it!

How do I purchase any of the additional shares?
Once you have purchased one of the seasonal veggie shares you can add as many of the additional shares as you like. The 607 adds just enough to cover the costs of hosting and delivering these items (3% credit card processing fee + 15% trucking fee + 7% Star Route Farm admin fee = %25 add-on), the rest goes to the participating farms.

Who get's the dough?
SRF and BERRYBROOK split the NYC share $ fifty-fifty no matter where its going. Upstate shares are handled by Star Route Farm, supplemented by Berrybrook when necessary.  If you buy an additional share or a la carte item, that $ will go to the farm that offers it (minus the 25% discussed above).  It's great.  In short, the money goes directly to farmers to help them run their farm.  

Who's doing all this admin, logistics, and website work then, are you paying them?
Ever wonder what farmers do in winter?

Are all those photos really your farms/produce?
Yep. And they can be found on our respective websites or instagram.

I thought we were supposed to volunteer?
Sure, please do! Come on up! Save on that gym membership.  Get in touch. There are no obligations, however.

What are the benefits of CSA?
Nutritious organic produce.  Freshness that can't be beat. Marketing language like that, but for real.  Perks - recipes, farm visits, enhanced quality of life...

Furthermore, we believe changing the food-system is a form of REVOLUTION.

And, it's a great deal:  Barring huge crop failures or natural disasters, we fill each box with more than $25 worth of produce each week and give you the option to add other farms' products to your share. We'll also include recipes to hopefully enhance your veggie experience.  Plus you get to meet your neighbors during pick-up events and enjoy the satisfaction of providing seed money for your friends' farms.  What's not to like?

Have other questions?  e-mail us at the607csa at gmail.com and we'll do our best to answer you.