The 607 CSA is a project of Star Route Farm with support from Berry Brook Farm and a few special administrators (who are paid by your tips!). We are vegetable farmers, so feature our vegetable shares, but we also partner with our neighboring farmer friends to offer you season-long additions of pastured meat, eggs, cheese and more. In effect, we are a whole diet CSA. We're organizing neighboring family farms in order to offer our members the abundance and variety of our unspoiled region. Importantly, we're not middlemen, we're farmers, so the money you spend on your CSA share will go directly to helping us run our farms. 

Farming is a risky business (imagine a Toyota factory having to operate without a roof) and so it can be difficult to find traditional financing especially for new farm businesses like ours. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  Each share purchased is an investment in our farm season and our farming community. The income from your purchased shares functions as a bridge loan helping with start-up expenses like seeds, potting soil, and labor. The money we raised together in 2017 contributed over $100,000 to our region's burgeoning agricultural economy. This money is used by family-owned businesses and is often spent in other small local business --- The farmer buys a drink at the local pub; the pub owner gets a car tune-up at the local mechanic; the mechanic buys a drink at the local pub; the pub owner buys veggies from the farmer  ---  bouncing back and forth around the Catskills.  In stark contrast to money spent at chain grocery stores, your share purchases do double duty by kickstarting our farming season and, at the same time, contributing to our region's deep economy.  

Also: yep, good guess; 607 is our area code.  It's been a dream of ours for some time to get a co-op, or farm club, or new grange scene happening.  This project is a start in our region at formalizing the organically collaborative nature of farming.

The BIG IDEA is simple: Working together and with your help, we small farms can scale up in order to provide enough food to meet the demand and standards of our communities without having to resort to industrialization or crazy debt, or, likely, both. 

If you'd like to chat more about how this all works, or how we spend your money, please don't hesitate to get in touch.  We are dedicated to transparency.

 For more information visit our FAQ.

e-mail us if you'd rather do an installment option, or send a check, or have questions! 

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